Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hard work brings more work...........

I've long held a belief (drummed into me by my much loved, but long departed Mum) that (and I quote) 'Hard work never killed anyone' quickly followed by (I quote again!) 'But why give it a chance'!!!  Consequently, I've always had a very strong work ethic, and believe I've worked quite hard ever since I left school  at 15 &1/2 with not one qualification to my name (I was even a failed 11 plus).  So, where am I going with this blog tonight??

I guess it's to say I've never been so successful in my working life but I also NEVER worked so hard - EVER!!!!  The more successful and popular we become, we seem to be working harder than ever - but in other directions and not just pulling pints! (mind you being a publican is NEVER just about that!)

One day recently
For example - we implemented a feedback form for customers to tell us if they liked what we're doing, what could we do better and would they like a newsletter clogging up their inbox 4 times a year.

Good idea?? Absolutely blooming fabulous BUT.............. I now have to sit trying to decipher bad handwriting, enter it onto a database, deal with comments saying thank you or whoops!

A website?? Brilliant - but woe betide you if it's not kept current and up to date! (no point having it otherwise)

Trip Advisor (even those 2 words make me shudder) can make or break the mood of my day!!

Twitter, Face book and Instagram?? Oh my word - there are just not enough hours in the day!!!

So next time dearest darling customers, you wonder why I'm not behind the bar it's probably because I'm glued to a computer/phone/tablet screen somewhere. I might (pah!!) be on a beach somewhere hot and sunny (nothing planned for a while) but I guarantee my IPhone won't be far away!

But I like nothing more than meeting other successful people and I'm really lucky to know a few who are around me here in the South Hams and guess what?? They're also women!

Zoe - who owns The Beauty Lounge here in Salcombe.   A young woman with the most fantastic business. Great products, high work ethic and on her way after a relatively short period of time to being exceptionally good in her field. Already expanding her business and starting to be recognised for excellence in the field of Beauty.  

Sara who owns HAC in Kingsbridge is another:
she is an award winning salon owner who takes training to another level for her team. She makes visiting the hairdresser a unique experience and is the consummate professional. She takes young people with an interest in hairdressing and turns them into exciting and enthusiastic stylists.

Lastly its Shani who owns Bella Borsa - a beautiful Handbag shop - in Kingsbridge. What this woman doesn't know about handbags and how to sell them is no odds to anyone (much to my SOH's chagrin). It is almost physically impossible for me to walk in and walk out without buying one of her beautiful, high quality bags or purses.

What unites us as successful businesswomen?? A passion for excellence, a will to succeed, the drive for delivering a great product and a commitment to a high degree of customer satisfaction. As well as the ability to consume copious amounts of wine and chocolate when the going gets tough!!

But principally its hard work, determination and effort. 

On that note - I'm off to the pub to work a shift on the bar!

Love and hugs to you all,

Liz x


00kevin said...

Great pub still with excellent food - just a pity about all those dogs which set off my allergy!

Liz said...

Dear 00Kevin

Thank you for your feedback - I'm so sorry that dogs set off your allergy - but hopefully you'll make the most of our garden in the summer.
Glad you still like us though!
Liz x