Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Home run

So we're on the home stretch (fair wind/fingers crossed etc etc!!) for our lovely pub coming together and what you can see in this picture is the upstairs part of the pub being viewed from new HUGE French doors that will lead you straight out into the garden. Some of the lighting has been put on - all has come from reclaimed ships fixtures and fittings, and when you see the light fitting over the new stairs I promise you will be blown away by it!!

The whole pub is still pretty much a huge building site and as one one workman was heard to say 'There's not a blooming straight wall in the place'!!  But they are working incredibly hard and in shocking weather conditions that has definitely not helped them at all.  But where there has been a break in the weather then the painters have been out there and made full use of the dry weather.

My little peep holes that I created in the windowlened windows have proved very popular, and I think the workmen were a little surprised at all the interest being shown in their work.

Our own team have been in this week painting the Hobbit House as well as painting and cleaning garden furniture. The store room has been emptied and tidied and surprisingly quite a bit(at last) thrown out!!

I am now far from bored (see the last Blog) as things are really cranking up a gear and I suddenly have quite a lot to do, so I am unlikely to write another blog before we open - which we hope to do either the afternoon of the 29th or Thursday 30th January.

So, I hope you'll think of us and wish us all luck as we endeavour to get to our opening date. A bit of good weather wouldn't go amiss either!!!

Much love

Liz x

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