Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Autumn? Really?

Yes - I think Madam Autumn is knocking on the door............. and with such a storm over Salcombe the other night!! I can't remember the last time I heard a storm like it - we didn't realise it was hailstones till we woke up the next morning to find pockets of ICE on the garden!!! Scarey as hell it was too with one clap of thunder seemingly directly over our house!!

So on the basis that all the children have cleared off back to school, the car parks are quieter and an influx of 2's and 4's have hit the streets - it must be time for Jam making and the introduction of new menus.
Seafood Platter

 So here's a link to our website where you can see for yourself the new menu's - which incidentally the main ones will change every FORTNIGHT now and  specials will really be special and change daily.  http://www.victoriainn-salcombe.co.uk/Great_pub_food

We're also offering Sunday lunches cooked and carved straight from the oven alongside a 'special' roast - this week the special will be lovely plump Chicken legs. Last week we could not get over how many Sunday roasts we served.......... Cauliflower Cheese is new on with the roast as well as stuffing balls, and SEASONAL veg.

SOH is busy making jams and I'm busy packing as I hit the shores of Menorca at the end of this week for a well earnt break (don't worry - SOH has his when I come back!)

This morning the new chimney fan has been installed and is ready for the first fire of this season to be lit -  judging by the weather out of my office window, that moment is not too far away!

So, its adiós de mí durante un par de semanas - cuidar - see you all in a couple of weeks

Liz x
Strawberry jam in the making

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