Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dragons and Snow

Good morning world! Sorry for not having posted for a little while but SOH and myself have had a holiday and also when back home we've been incredibly busy - Whitsun Half Term.
So a weird title for todays blog - Dragons and Snow - don't you think?? But actually it just reflects this amazing Storytelling we did again this holiday.  Our great best friend Mark Fraser is a hugely talented Author/Illustrator and he puts on interactive book reading sessions, of which the Dragon is part of it and the snow is a large Duvet he puts over the children.  Our garden was ringing out to shouts of children being pirates and adults laughing at being roped in to play musical instruments and make noises of the sea.............. don't ask, you had to be there to appreciate it! SOH also played his part in being Boggs the Waiter who said a lot of yes, M'lord, doffed his top hat and not a lot else. Great fun and we hope to do it all over again during the summer holidays. If you want to read a bit more about him, here is his website:

The sea washing over the children!!
So yes, we've been incredibly busy, hitting record meal figures on Whit Monday.  We are just so proud of our staff who worked so hard and helped make everything flow so wonderfully!

Summer menus are written and ready to swing into action on a couple of weeks, and all summer staff are in place ready to help cope with the surge of customers we are all hoping to receive.

I never realised there was so much paperwork involved in being a publican, and poor SOH seems to be chained to the desk these days, but there seems to be more and more administration to this job every day............ hateful tasks, but so vital. Personally, I'm happy to leave him to it and look after customers and staff!

The garden is looking good and our new summer baskets are in place - we've gone for the trailing plants again as they look so gorgeous when grown. On that note, I'm just off to the Garden Centre for a few more plants.


00kevin said...

Peices! I before e except after c, but still a great eagerly awaited blog

valentino46 said...

Makes a pleasant change to read someone else's blog Liz.

As a Stroke victim, the resulting Disability makes it difficult for me to think constructively, and so my blog contains mostly photos.

Next time I visit the Victoria Inn, I will try to park my Mobility Scooter in Whitestrand car park, and walk across to your front door.
Is there a step down at the front door?

See you!

Frank Smith (Smee) said...

Thought fo a minute the picture of the dragon was you!