Monday, 22 October 2012

Customers - love 'em...........

Customers - love 'em, and we do........... well most of the time! I thought I'd share just a few pearlers to make you smile.

The best one has to be of course - 'Do you have a menu'?? No, we tend to keep all the information hidden just so you have to ask! Or alternatively 'are they the specials'?? Pointing at the board clearly marked Specials.

'Do you have a toilet'?? Now I have to say I've been guilty of this - in Amsterdam many years ago, and I think we narrowly escaped with our lives as they distinctly called us stupid English Bas***ds in Dutch! But in an English pub?? Do we have a toilet? Why?? Do you want to borrow it? Buy it??

A great one is coming through our closed front door and asking if we're open yet?? Umm no! That's why the door is shut!

How about one I had the other day.......... 'I'll have the Scallops' - then customer looking very oddly at me frowning to find them on the till, as they were of course, not even on the menu!

Customers - Love 'em??? To true we do, even those guilty of the above - AND more!!!


Clare said...

Great! Xx

00kevin said...

All part of the joy of making all that money from your punters!

Liz said...

I aways look forward to your well thought out comments.............!
Liz x

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