Thursday, 5 July 2012

Should I stay or should I go??

Should I stay or should I go?? That's a well know song title but from whom or by whom I know not! I'm just seriously debating the worth of this blog..................???

I seem to spend an increasing amount of time on 'Social Media', not just for me personally but much more for the business side of things.  By that I mean I write this blog, I 'Twitter' and I also 'do' Facebook. Now I get lots of instant reactions to the Twitter and I've made lots of business contacts and customers, whereas Facebook is more for friends only............ my blog gets anywhere from 20 'hits' a day when I haven't written anything to 60 plus when I write a post. It's all getting increasingly time consuming and frankly, its reaching the point where I don't have the time for all of this.

I started the blog because I thought that when we came to Salcombe nearly four years ago we were probably never going to see civilisation again! I felt sure there wouldn't be adequate forms of communication and that probably I'd have to learn smoke signals!! It was as much a way of keeping in touch with family and friends as anything, and then it developed into a marvellous marketing tool - since copied by many.

I've covered most topics in the blog, there have been many times it's been deeply personal (perhaps too much so - I've pretty much worn my heart on my sleeve), some times I've been controversial and far too many times I've tried to be all things to all people. There is a limit to how many times I can tell you how good we're doing or how poor (right now let me tell you - it's tough! The weather, the recession, etc, etc, etc) what beers we've got on and what food we're serving.

It's been suggested I turn it more into a 'New' Salcombe Blog, with news/views and gossip about Salcombe (but Old Salcombe blogger with all your contentious issues....... where have you gone?).

Has my blog become like an old friendship that's died a death and I can't let go or am I just seeking divine inspiration? Am I just feeling miserable because of the rotten weather or have I lost my mojo - never to return???

It feels stale and almost feels like time to say ta rah chuck...................

What say you?????  If you say at all?????

Salcombe capture by Sarah from 'The Dark Side - East Portlemouth!


Ken P said...

Great blog - keep at it and give up twitter

Frank Smith (Smee) said...

Give it up - its utter twaddle

Anonymous said...

Liz - I read your blog regularly, and it made me come and visit. We've been four or five times now,(I live in Surrey) and we recommend your pub to all our doggy owner friends. The stats seem to say you get 20+ new visits to the site every day. In a difficult financial world any positive publicity must be helpful. Once a month updates are all that is needed emphasising a couple of successful events and what in line next month and a nice photo. Don't underestimate the power of positive publicity and the internet. Keep it going, but not obsessively. Martin.

Clare said...

I love reading it and I see you often! It's nice to read your take on things in Salcombe, but it is time-consuming and there's more to life than sitting in front of a computer or ipad!!!

Stinkyjoe said...

There is absolutely no doubt that you must keep blogging. Naturally there will be times when you wonder about the point of it; that is the nature of the human beast. You express yourself beautifully and always have something interesting to say.

It's really nice to hear what is going on and the pub is a centre of activity in Salcombe so a good barometer of life there.

Don't let this pesky jet stream get you down, it will move eventually!

Keep up the good work Liz!

Coronation Road

Liz said...

Frank Smee Smith - I thought your comment was funny - now I find out it wasn't you at all! We clearly have a joker - how funny! But Mr Smith is far from amused.........
Ken P - Twitter is a hugely valuable marketing tool - couldn't possibly stop that!
Clare - Yes you're right it is time consuming
Stinkyjoe (lol)I'll remember that when I see you! & aAnonymous - Thank you for your constructive imput

I have had loads of feedback and I think it was a case of no sun, fed up, same old,same old etc etc.

SO - I shall keep rambling on, and I'm going to try to cheer myself up....

Oh look our pub is full downstairs and we're not flooded - Thank the Lord, I'm cheered up!!

Liz xxx

00kevin said...

Have you considered the customers you are losing with your pro dog approach? Many people have a problem with dog allergies and hygiene concerns.ANY place serving food should ban dogs and smokers inside and outside.

tricky clayton said...

Leave the dogs out of it.

Tim Hore said...

Give up the blog and help around the pub a bit more

Anonymous said...

Would encourage you to carry on both from my own personal perspective ( i.e. I enjoy reading your blog), but also comercially (we always come into the Victoria for at least one family meal every time we are down in Salcombe).

Keep going. You know you really enjoy it

Liz said...

Dear 00Kevin
Thank you for your comment regarding dogs (and strangely smokers!). I am really glad we live in a democracy and that we are entitled to our opinions. I put your comment on the Victoria Inn Face Book page to gauge opinions - do have a look at see the replies...........!/pages/The-Victoria-Inn-Salcombe/136141733123940

Warmest wsihes