Thursday, 19 January 2012

One of my favourite people!

So along with my favourite places in Salcombe there are some very special people here in Salcombe that I/we've become good friends with and like very much. Some of these people went out of their way right at the beginning to come and say hello, introduce themselves and generally make us feel at home right from day 1! 
One of these people is 'Tricky Clayton' - to many people who know Salcombe you'll know him and his gorgeous blackspaniel Frodo as the'Ferryman' and it was Tricky  who took me out to show me Salcombe from the sea in the early days of being here. In fact if you look at the photo's on the side bar of this blog you'll see one of the first pictures is of Frodo.
Tricky is one of those nice quiet, totally unassuming men and is so well liked by everyone! But what I hadn't realised until last week is that he is also a fantastic photographer!! The two pictures of the seals are two that he took and are of our resident seal in the estuary (which I am yet still to see!!), don't you think they are just amazing pictures!!!!
I have also seen some land/seascape pictures that he  has taken and they are truly awesome!! So not only is he a lovely bloke he also has the most incredible talent..................

Now then, did I manage to escape with my chest infection? In short - no!!! A day in and out of hospital and at the moment recovering feeling like I've done a few rounds with a big hefty boxer.

Trade is remarkably good considering the state of Salcombe at the moment with road works, sewers, gas pipes etc etc............ I've instigated a 'Fabulous Friday' where we take 4 items and put them at half price for the lunchtime trade on Friday lunchtime - and that went really well last week so we'll see how that goes this week.

That's all I can do for now folks, but I'll blog again in the next couple of weeks - in the meantime enjoy looking at the incredible photo's ................

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