Tuesday, 18 January 2011

There's a lot happening

So once again I'm not to sure where to start really...........??? This is going to be a relatively short blog post - but I hope you get the taste of what a night it was.
Our annual post Christmas staff party - and crikey me - what a party it was!!

We went to the Harbour Hotel at the top of the road, and they certainly looked after us! It was a nice change for our team who spend their working life making sure customers are well looked after to be waited on.
We had great food, lovely wine, lots of laughs and SOH & I didn't get landed with a too massive bill!!

This is a picture of most of our staff (before the drink flowed toooo much!) from both of our business's but 3 key figures were missing because of the dreaded flu bug that's going around........

The other photo's are when the drink had started to flow............ it was a really, really great night and everyone enjoyed themselves - the obligatory hangovers the next day proved it!!!
So thats the last year celebrated, our success, our challenges and now our future in a 2011 - hopefully onwards and upwards to even better things for both the Victoria Inn and Captain Morgans.
The next blog post will be about my drive to Portsmouth and some of the things that happened to me there................!

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