Saturday, 17 July 2010

What a July!!!

Before I launch into a blog post proper - just have a look at young Archibold........... It was the morning after one of the worst storms I've seen since we moved to Salcombe, and Archie was out in the wet, sodden garden for an awful long time.

I called and I called and I called and eventually I heard the tinkle of his tag round his neck and he came hurtling into the back of the pub. I took one look at this object in front of me and screamed at him to sit and stay.... for once he actually did and there is the result for all to see! He is actually looking at our pub cleaner as much as to say 'what's all the fuss about'???? He had been digging and I found two lovely holes in the garden - I think burrowing to Australia was on his mind.....

I picked him up as far away from my body as possible, but he wriggled out of my arms and proceeded to run up and down the stairs of our flat and enjoy this jolly game of chase as I desperately tried to get hold of him again! Eventually I got him by the scruff of his neck and took him upstairs for a shower - where the bathroom quickly looked a little like Hiroshima after the fall out. The whole flat was covered in paw prints and the bathroom was speckled brown dirt everywhere - and I do mean EVERYWHERE. I have to say that although I did see the funny side of this and looking at the picture now it doesn't seem quite so awful as it was, but, at the time I was not a happy bunny!!

So then - we're in July proper and what a July we're having! I seem to have spent a lot of time on staffing issues - and oh yes.........on top of everything else, I am now a hotel receptionist! Well at least that's what it feels like some days. I have put the White Hart Hotel, Modbury on to and I have to say that it's paying off in dividends! Getting at least 2 enquiries every day from that for the WH and as for the Hobbit House, well, we are being inundated with calls and business for the 2 rooms here.

This weekend I could have sold the rooms at the Victoria at least 6 or 7 times over, and I just wish I could have talked the brewery round to seeing that the idea of beautiful 'boutique' style bedrooms instead of the upstairs restaurant at the Victoria was a good one.... still, maybe if we can prove the viability for them, we may have a better chance of securing finance in another financial year. Certainly, the majority of our guests are staying in both pubs and eating and drinking with us. Both business's have had great Trip Advisor reviews - and I just wish customers knew how important Trip Advisor is to business's especially fledgling business's like ours!

What else - well apart from last Sunday when the World Cup AND the Grand Prix were on the box and we were deafeningly quiet, we're having a rocking old time! The summer menu is absolutely spot on at the Victoria this year and I uncovered a great new special this week - 'Afternoon Tea at the Victoria'.........Smoked Salmon, fresh Salcombe Crab or Cucumber & Tomato sandwiches, pots of Tea, homemade scones and a glass of cold Prosecco if you feel like a little bubbly to go with it........... very well received this has been as well!!
Captain Morgans is also doing hugely well - another learning curve for us both, but now really settled and maintaining a great reputation!
Then apart from work SOH has had his break in the sun - mind you he's not come home as tanned as I thought he might...... It would appear he spent an awful lot of time under the shade on the beach! I reckon him and his mate were in the bar most of the time actually - but he strenuously denies it!! Oh I do miss him when he's not here.

Then there's me.... well I am seeing my personal trainer 3 times a week now! Yes, I know, this really is Liz writing this blog and not a re-incarnation!! My trainer doesn't seem keen on being known as Reg (truth to be told he doesn't look remotely like a Reg!!) so I'm going to call him JC (for when I'm muttering J**us C***st under my breath - sorry Lord!) in the future - and when I am a true success story maybe he'll let me unmask him, but until then his reputation is intact!!

So then - this new person is inhabiting my body (and mind I might add!), is getting up at 7a.m (yes - you read right!) to train at 8.30 today - a SATURDAY. No longer is the Lurpack butter mountain slowly being reduced by our (me) household, but Cadburys will soon be out of business, and as for Hendricks Gin - I hear that profits have nose-dived!

Oh yes, this new person when wanting something sweet is nibbling raisins and apricots, chewing an assortment of seeds and nuts (that previously surely were only meant for birds!!) and heavens forbid, only a very occasional ice cream! As for the dreaded booze....... apart from selling it I have a VERY occasional glass of something - I am almost tea total!!!
As for the exercise - well, I have re-discovered a streak in me that I always knew was there as I've always been hugely competitive; I HAVE to succeed (I once cheated on a management course in order that my team won - but got caught! I thought I showed initiative!!) it's in my blood and I am really loving challenging myself.
If you remember, I spent the first 2 weeks of this year in hospital, incredibly ill and I don't think I'll ever forget the experience of laying in bed for nearly 2 hours next to the body of the poor woman in the bed next to me who had died. I was on oxygen then for 5 days and yet do you know what I did this week??
I climbed four steps in my garden for 3 lots of 3 minutes.......... can you believe that??? Even better - I really, really, really enjoyed it!!!! The other thing is this stubborn streak in me that refuses to be beaten by any part of the routine that JC puts together for me. Better still............. I have lost 5 whole pounds!! Not by starvation or faddy diets, but solid exercise and really healthy eating, and oh yes, listening to someone who's trained hard to do the job he does - JC!!!!
So then blog readers - it's onwards and upwards, next week schools break up proper and I probably won't get to write a blog for a while as we will (should) be really mad busy......... enjoy the summer everyone!!

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