Friday, 13 November 2009

Prague and Puppy!!

I have so much to talk about I hardly know where to begin, but I just have to start with the most adorable puppy you have ever seen - ladies and gentlemen, readers of this blog, let me introduce you to our new dog ROSIE. She's an 8 week old Cockerpoo - a cross breed of dog especially good for asthmatics like me as they shed very little hair, if at all. As you can see she is jet black with just a tiny tuft of white hair on her chin and just at the top of her tummy - she's already been trod on twice (not hurt - don't panic) as she is a bit hard to see. She's playful and cute and everything that puppies are!! We already love her to bits and though she will never take the place of our old dog Beth, she's a very welcome addition to our household and pub.

Now then - our few days away in Prague - what a brilliant, exhilarating, enthralling time we had. To say we loved Prague just doesn't do it justice, we adored it......... out of all the European capital cities I've been too Prague counts as an all time favourite. I can't say that I can say the same about the flights - I thought flying with Easy Jet was not one of the most pleasurable experiences I've ever had. You don't get given seat no's, you're herded on by group and then it's a free for all as to where you sit! Given the choice, I probably wouldn't fly with them again if I could help it - but I guess it's the old saying of 'you get what you pay for'.......

Anyway - back to Prague, if you ever get to go there you simply must stay at the Hotel Jalta. A great hotel slap bang in Wencelas Square, central for all the sights. The staff and bedroom were first class and the standard of food was absolutely brilliant - far higher than we ever expected. Waiting staff were wonderful and the waitress on our last night - Katerina - was a real credit to the Hotel. We walked and walked and walked some more - not one tram or taxi, and thankfully the weather was kind. Cold and sharp but dry. The picture of us is on my birthday itself enjoying coffee and apple strudel...... Yum!!

We went to a Jewish Synagogue memorial for the dead from the holocaust and the Russian Gulags - it was hugely powerful to see all the many thousands of names, birth dates and death dates - all with Jewish music and a voice speaking the names of the dead. That moved me to tears at mans inhumanities to man, we also saw an actual train truck that had been used to move people to the camps..... just horrid, but important to remember. That evening a few more tears as we watched a ballet - Cinderella- in the state opera house, and I was transported back to being a child in a magical world of make believe.

A huge walk up the hill to the Castle, lots of puppet shops (slightly creepy!) and yes - more coffee and pastry shops. Another coffee stop at a prime tourist location that cost £8 for just 2 coffees, and a quick visit to the local Sex Museum....... naughty and not especially nice!! Lots and lots of tat in tourist shops, but we got a great original Russian hat for a dear friend of ours who collects them - I'm sure the shopkeeper thought SOH and I were into something kinky by my insisting on trying the hats on first!!

Loads of great food and just a little bit too much drink - a visit to a fab Jazz Club: AghaRTA Jazz Centrum. I wasn't too sure about that to start with, but it's funny how a few Gins can make you relax into the music and atmosphere!! :) Visited the monastery where they have a small brewery, ate giant sausages at huge roadside stalls, bought a few Christmas Decorations in the market, read the story boards in the streets about the history of Prague, had afternoon tea in a theatre restaurant where waiters in white aprons treated us like royalty!

All in all - an absolutely brilliantly break - and oh yes, a pair of dazzlingly beautiful diamond earrings from SOH as a birthday pressie........... lucky spoilt lady or what!!!

Next blog I'm going to tell you all about our visit to St Austell Brewery for a food / wine tasting get together this week with other publicans, an announcement from the brewery to us (got you guessing hasn't it!) our trip to Mevagissy and why we were there and last but not least the news that I'm also going to be writing a blog page for The Good Pub Guide.

Have a good weekend from us here at the Victoria Inn, Salcombe where the winds are currently force 10/11 and gusts of 70mph - we stand a good chance of being flooded in the early hours of the morning, so I'll let you know how we get on next time............... X

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Molly and Tess said...

Molly (and her owners) just wanted to say welcome to little Rosie who we saw briefly after you picked her up on Thursday. We had a lovely meal and Molly enjoyed the treats. We hope to be back in the spring. Love your blog. Hope you have a good Christmas season.
Molly and her owners xx