Sunday, 19 April 2009

And breath

Then it was all over.......... the Easter break that is. It was all a bit of an anti-climax today actually, as I awoke to SOH telling me that we had no water for the pub!! Aarrgh......... our life wouldn't be complete without regular problems with the drains, plumbing, sewerage etc etc...... all apparently because a) the drains system is antiquated and b) because we are sooooo close to the sea the tides play havoc with the whole system(?). So a dirty great big hole at the entrance to Fore Street thanks to a massive water leak meant we had no cars in the car park all day - which in one way was fabulous to have no cars in the street - but played hell with our normal Sunday trade! This time though we weren't the only ones affected. Tonight, although the road is still closed we are in fact quite busy - so all may end well after all. So what was the damage from Easter? Well, 1 missing soap dispenser from Trego Mills, (cheap in other words) a whole box of tissues taken, trampled on plants in the garden and 1 condom machine in the gents broken into (Talk about desperate - if they'd asked we'd have given 1 free..!!) and the ladies machine was almost broken into - but not quite! As for the seagulls - they are a nightmare = and are quite kami-kazi in their attacks on anything left laying around....Apart from that I think we had a pretty good time - but we are both quite shattered - so this will be a fairly short entry!

One of our chickens is giving us an egg a day - I'm having an omelette tonight (Thanks Millie), and still we have them trying to get out of the pen - are they trying to tell us something??? We have very dear friends coming to stay tomorrow night for a couple of nights and they are experienced at keeping chickens so they can tell us where we're going wrong IF indeed we are going wrong.... ungrateful little sods!!! A couple of the local boat builders are taking great delight in teasing me about bringing a cockerel to the pub - SOH assures me they won't.... mmmm I'm not so sure! Ok - off now as omelette just about ready........... till another time!

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