Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Here comes the Spring

Well - there's a distinct buzz in the air of Salcombe - mostly the banging of scaffold going up and coming down in the street, shopkeepers weilding paint brushes and sweeping and cleaning as the shops prepare themselves for the Spring and the invasion of visitors........... and we at The Victoria are no different! This week has seen our painters come on site - and what a great job they've done as well. The back and sides of the pub have been painted and what a difference it has made - all clean and lovely! The doors have been painted a bright cherry red and already I've had favourable comments from a couple of customers. Our scaffold goes up early Saturday morning for the front outside of the building to be done. With a bit of luck and good weather we shall be ready for the Easter visitors.

Our new benches have been delivered and alongside that the lovely Bay Leaf gardeners have been back and have pruned, planted, cleaned, shifted benches and put them back again. All our prasols have arrived courtesy of St Austell and Magners and I am proud to say that today our newly re-vamped garden looks just splendid...................... here are some photo's to give you a flavour.......

Next job for me now is the big publicity push to get people to 1) Know we have a lovely garden and 2) Use the blooming thing................. lol!! Till next time friends.. x

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